Although the day started out sucking, I ended up actually having it not be too horrible.

Got into work and had to fix some things that were outstanding and that I really didn't want to deal with. Took care of them by lunch, though, and was able to start looking at multilib stuff after lunch. I now basically know how rpm handles coloring internally and have some ideas on where to go with the anaconda side of things. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get some concrete ideas on paper and actually start implementing them. I think I've come up with a way of doing it that will have minimal impact and allow me to leave the second half of what I want to do for when I can be a little bit less pressed about it — although, if the first half goes well, I might go ahead and bite the bullet on the second half. It would clean things up quite a bit and probably help a bit in memory footprint and speed.

Came home intending to be productive, but didn't. Oh well.