Up and started looking at multilib stuff for anaconda this morning. Ugh, that's going to suck. A lot more than I thought. Tomorrow I think I'm going to poke a little more and then dive into rpmlib to see what's going on. Which is always frightening.

After lunch had the weekly enterprise product meeting which was, as always, a barrel of fun. And as usual, something new to astound and amaze me. That got set on track, though… I think. Then, went to play lab manager and reset some of the kernel testing boxes for Rik van Riel since he built a buggy kernel and had most of them sitting stuck in vmscan — always good to know that I'm good for something 🙂 Went back to my desk and had just started to get back into working when mszulik came down to do a drive by (Matthew comes by unannounced our section of the world every few weeks with the intention of seeing what we see as going on and to try to see what things need smoothing over). Spent an hour talking with him and then finally got back to catching up on the afternoon.

Then, decided to go to the TriLUG meeting to see Wim talk. Good talk. I could have done with more low-level internal details, but I'm guessing most people's eyes start glazing over at the mention of double-indirect extent accesses and descriptions of the layout of filesystem superblocks. If I cared a smidge more, I'd go download the source. The bit about using firewire for shared storage is pretty disturbing so. Although in a way that's intriguing enough to actually consider doing for shits and grins. Good to see that is alive, met (although I think I have before) and talked with some other folks.

Came home and sat down with the intention of doing something useful. Got sidetracked into talking with about some of the lug@ncsu's recent troubles. Gave him most of my ideas. Only time will tell… kind of sad, really, though.

Now to read a bit and then head to bed.