Hack, hack, hack. Run around like mad. Hack, hack hack.

And it's Wednesday night (well, now Thursday morning I guess) already?

Note to the world: nested functions are evil. At least until someone changes gcc so that they don't require trampolines (and thus, executable stacks).

Considering trying to split out of work early-ish tomorrow and going to the trilug meeting. I don't think I've actually been to one in over a year, and seeing Wim speak could be more interesting than most talks at LUGs (for me anyway). Sort of depends on how the day goes I guess. I'd really like to get started on some of this multilib stuff now, but somehow I just have a gut feeling that something else will come up. If I go out to trilug, though, at least I can have a chance of getting home earlier and then working on it a bit tomorrow night.

One thought on “228647”

  1. Whoa! Stop the presses. Jeremy may come to a TriLUG meeting. O:-)

    If you do manage to make it, please come up and say hello so I can put a face to the name. I’ll be the guy on the side with the club juggler on my shirt.

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