Haven't written in a few days. Weekend was pretty boring. Watched a few movies and did some TiVo catchup (hmm… I sense a pattern in my weekends). Drove out to Chapel Thrill Sunday for lunch with my parents and sister. NCDOT engineers are a bunch of dope smokers as evidenced by section of I-40 where one of the lanes is the shoulder and the on ramps get stop signs. It was quite fun. Went into the office on Sunday to upgrade the ram in porkchop (mmm…. 3 GiB) and then also spent a while cleaning up the various places that evolution did things that are stupid to do on a 64 bit architecture. Not exactly a small patch, but it could have been worse. Most of the changes were pretty mindless. Also read quite a bit of The Inmates Are Running the Asylum which is essentially a long rant about the need for design, but it's slightly disconcerting how often I'm agreeing.

Today was spent doing catchup and little piddly things. Should have started in on multilib handling for anaconda, but just couldn't get motivated to do so. So I ended up going to the trivia night at King's with Nalin, and . My trivia skills were a bit off, although we did well with TV theme songs and Saturday Night Live. It was a good diversion, though. Tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to put off the multilib hell, or at least, phase one thereof (aka making anaconda use a primary key for packages other than name).