So, yesterday was kind of frustrating eventually. But I should go through the whole thing instead of starting in the middle.

Went to the alumni breakfast thing at S&M in the morning. Woke up at the crack of dawn and succeeded in making it to Durham by 7:30 am. Which falls into the category of way too frickin' early. I lived, though. The breakfast was interesting… talked with a number of alums and some of the new staff… Boarman (the now not-so-new executive director) also talked a little — he's a smooth talker, but not an extremely good smooth talker. Probably good enough for most people, though. Afterwards, went around and talked to some people and just generally wasted some time. Getting a little bit of time away from the office was probably a good thing.

Headed back to Raleigh and got a little done before lunch. After lunch, a fun little flamewar had popped up on some of our internal lists (nothing like 40 mails in the hour-ish we were gone for lunch). And i got three copies of each due to the cross-posting in the thread. Annoying and frustrating thread in a lot of ways. Also dealt with some hardware which decided it didn't want to like me. Decided to unplug it and leave it be. Then, got a few little things done and decided it was time to leave.

Dinner at Mo Joe's and then went to see Confidence, which was pretty well done.

Today, slept in a bit and woke up to do little other than poke around with some stuff and catch up on my TiVo watching. My parents came down for dinner and then I came home and watched a movie and some TiVo. Slow relaxing day. Tomorrow, I should probably run some errands and look at getting some work done, but we'll see about that when tomorrow comes. I'm thinking I'm going to just go read now until I decide to sleep.

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  1. alumni breakfast

    There was an NCSSM alumni breakfast? Boy, I’m out of it… or was it just for your class? Never heard a a thing about it… oh well.

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