Another long day.

Poked around with email and answering questions on IRC before heading into the office. Then spent the day trying to clean up various little bits of architecture ports in anaconda and verify that things still work. And of course, there was at least one thing on most arches that didn't. And it was different on all of them 🙂 Slowly but steadily made progress on cleaning things up and I think I might almost have things to a point where I can consider almost all of them in pretty good shape. Probably a thing or two here or there to fix on the newer arches, but overall good shape. Which means I can move on to dealing with newer better funner crap 😉

Also had the opportunity to play Whack-A-VP this afternoon. I don't think that it would be nearly as much fun as a videogame, but it would at least be amusing to do one weekend if I get bored. And some flaming people internally.

So, pretty normal day all in all.