Slow weekend. And, for the most part, I managed to avoid working. Watched a lot of movies and a lot of the random things I have the TiVo recording that I never get around to watching, though. Poked at some work stuff this afternoon, but not for very long. Means I didn't get everything I might have liked to done, but oh well, no big loss, really. Just means more to do this week. And looking back at my status report from last week, I actually did do a good job on getting that stuff done. Didn't get to one thing, but that's actually pretty good considering some of the other stuff I made good progress on that weren't really listed.

Now to wait for my laundry to finish and then try to get to bed early. Going to try an experiment of going to bed at a more reasonable hour and trying to get up earlier and make it into work earlier this week to see how well that works.