Ugh. Much meetings. I spent essentially all afternoon in the conference room this afternoon between a weekly product meeting, the follow-up discussion with one of our IHV relationship people, weekly meeting with the docs group about installer changes and docs changes so we can stay in sync and a planning meeting for what to do with redhat-config-packages. Started at 2. Ended at about 7. A few short breaks in between to glance at my mail.

Even so, made good progress on some things today. I think that I have half a chance of getting the big things I wanted to get done this week done. Especially since I'm planning to go in tomorrow, even though its a holiday (which means the office will be nearly empty and I won't be bothered! 🙂 Might go in a bit over the weekend too and try to do some stuff that I don't generally get time for since I have a feeling its going to be a slow weekend without people around so its not like I'll have anything better to do.