Things keep rolling along. Made it in on time this morning for our weekly meeting which was thankfully short. Then, poked at a few things that needed poking and actually got a little bit done before lunch. After lunch, sat down with Sam to go over some stuff and see how it would affect documentation as well as what I thought the effect on me would be. We're probably going to end up taking a different approach with some of the stuff for the next release, although I think it's an eventual direction we want to move towards. Another meeting and then a little more accomplished.

Went to LUG, Nalin's talk was pretty good. Dinner afterwards was pretty quick so I got home at a reasonable hour. Talked with my parents and then got some work done while watching some stuff on the TiVo.

I'm now well on my way to being able to throw evolution 1.3.2 at the build system (just have to finish getting evolution packages) — gnome-pilot and gnome-spell to come slightly later. ccache has definitely been my friend on the laptop in getting things together more quickly as I've been able to cut down on the compile time pretty significantly.

Also have the iSeries in almost passable shape. A couple of outstanding bits, but they shouldn't be bad to throw together. Then it's just the work on cleaning up the ports and working on some not-directly-arch-porting bits (which should be more fun in a lot of ways).

And here ends another episode of my rambling about what I've done 😉