Argh, and I thought that previous platforms I worked on were bad…

Anyway, long ass meeting this afternoon (about 3 hours). Very unpleasant, but needed to be done. Of course, it basically meant that I didn't get anything done this afternoon.

Did manage to pick up the basics of how the iSeries (and more so, how OS/400) works. And got some docs (nice 1.5″ binder of iSeries training presentation materials) from Brock. Read through those this evening and poked at some docs online as well.


*sigh* So it goes. Have a reasonable idea in my head of what I need to do to get the installer up and happy on the iSeries although there are definitely some open questions around initrds and booting. I can hack something up to get started without too much difficulty, though, I think. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to try to apply the knowledge I've soaked up this evening, though. Want to read something fun for a little bit tonight.