Hrmm… not a very productive weekend. Guess that's not all bad. Best summed up as a combination of sleeping, reading, and watching movies.

Watched Apollo 13 again tonight. I had forgotten just how well done a lot of it was. Also watched the making of feature on the DVD which had some good footage from the time period.

My productivity was limited to building evolution 1.2.4… should show up in rawhide tomorrow in all likelihood. Couple of little tweaks and then it wasn't too bad to do. Need to harass people about my 64 bit patches if I don't hear anything in the next day or two.

This week looks like it should be better in some ways than last week — less fires anticipated which means more time to get what I'm really supposed to be doing done. Tomorrow might be a wash of meetings, though. Should take the laptop with me so that I can try to not lose the whole time.

And in a move destined to try to kill me, the weather is changing to colder and rainy. Joy.