So, it's now Saturday. Not really sure what happened to the week (well, I have a good idea, it's just annoying to think about 😉 Made some progress on what I really wanted to get done this week the latter part of the week, but not as much as I would have liked. I also noticed some things that are likely to cause problems in the future that I should sit down and fix at some point. Yay people making assumptions in code that are invalid on 64bit arches.

Last night went to Shabashabu with msw and . We ate on the Thai side; it wasn't bad, but I like Thai Villa better. And Thai Villa is cheaper. We then went on to see Phone Booth. It was pretty good if a little gimmicky. And a bit predictable as well, but I expected that.

Today, lazed around and didn't get much done. Finished reading a book and poked a little at some things on ppc64. Mo Joe's for dinner and watched Far from Heaven and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Both were good, former better than the latter and the latter generally overrated.

And, rather than ramble on longer, I think I'm going to go read a little bit before heading to bed. Tonight is the fun of springing forward, so I figure I should try to keep that in mind so that I don't throw off my sleep schedule too much. Especially as I'm sort of interested in going to a meeting Monday morning at 9 am.