Hmm… so I started thinking about random things tonight. Too much of what I've been doing for the past few weeks has been mindless and/or just troubleshooting nonsense things that shouldn't be my problem.

Ended up giving a few ideas of good ways to do a few things for the Realm Kit and some cool ideas that I hadn't thought of before. The idea of Realm Kit laptops automatically authenticating to Nomad has a certain sick appeal 🙂

Then, started looking at partition resizing some again. I'm actually getting to where I've got a reasonably good idea of what to do about it at the UI level. I've also got a half plan of how to do it on the backend within anaconda. So I looked a bit at parted to see how things are implemented there and how I can tie in with that. It looks doable, but for it to be really useful, ext3 resizing needs to be implemented. So maybe I'll hack that into parted one weekend when I get bored. For the uber-cool points, it would be nice if someone would integrate ntfs resizing too, but somehow I doubt that's going to happen. The other place where I can get extra points is then tying it in so that I have LVM resizing. It should actually be easier in some ways to do that, but I lose quite a bit of information by not having parted. The command line tools don't give me the same information on constraints and although I can probably wire it in, I'm sure it will be a pita to do so.

Maybe I'll get around to adding LVM support to parted one of these days.

Geez, I really am losing it. Actually wanting to do stuff with partitioning and add stuff to parted.