Slept in a bit (okay, a lot 🙂 today so started off a bit slow. Poked around a bit and took care of some random crap which needed doing.

Worked a bit on grubby support for z/ipl (s390) sitting on my porch, which was nice. I definitely need to sit out there and work more. Nice to sit and listen to the birds and get work done. Got it mostly working, but it looks like there's a tiny bit still not quite right. Shouldn't be too bad to fix, though.

Went to dinner at Mo Joe's with , and msw. Afterwards, we were trying to come up with something to do (msw said I shouldn't do more work and since he is my manager, I figured I shouldn't argue). We ended up heading back to my apartment to waste some time until the showing of The Quiet American at the Madstone. A very well done film, and fairly thought provoking as well.