Hrm… let's see, what I did the rest of the weekend.

Last night, had dinner with and at Sushi Blues, which was good as always. Afterwards, came home and vegetated watching television for a bit. Realized I should have bought Star Trek IV earlier in the day to watch, but oh well.

Slept in a bit this morning and then poked at some stuff for work a little bit. Succeeded in beating one of the problems which was plaguing me on Friday and then managed to get the build machine kind of hosed. Oopsie 🙂 Oh well, will be a good excuse for me to learn how to reset it I guess :/

Went out to have lunch/dinner/some meal with my parents and sister in the middle of the afternoon. We went to the Big Bowl place at Southpointe. It was okay, but nothing great. Then went into Barnes and Noble and happened to see the Gattaca score, so I picked it up and while I was thinking about Michael Nyman music, I also picked up The Essential Michael Nyman. A kickback to when I roomed with and he listened to it a lot after being started on it by .

Headed back to Raleigh and picked up a few DVDs in Best Buy on my way back that I'd been thinking about getting for a while — now I should have lots to watch if I actually decide to leave work at a reasonable hour and just come home to work from here this week.

Then, spent most of the evening between wasting time on IRC or watching TV. And now, back to some work.