A few observations from today…

  • The weather is nice and warm again. I wonder how many days it will last before we're back to the 40s 🙂
  • They're putting in another stoplight on Western. As if there weren't enough already. I have a hard time figuring out what the intended effect of this is.
  • A Ben and Jerry's is coming in on Hillsborough St near the Quizno's. Now, I really don't care about B&J's, but if we're lucky, perhaps some other places with locations on 9th and Franklin Streets in Durham and Chapel Hill, respectively, will follow. Somehow, I doubt it though.

That's all I remember, although I could have sworn that my list was longer in my head as I was thinking over dinner.

4 thoughts on “211826”

  1. Which goes back to some of the previous discussions we’ve had about Hillsborough St being difficult to develop on :/

  2. I, personally, am very excited about it. When we went to the one in Durham back in August wearing NC State t-shirts the girl working there told us they were opening one on Hillsborough Street, but only recently did the sign actually appear. Yay for Mint Chocolate Chunk!

  3. Well, yes. I figure a large number of people will be more excited than I am. Most people tend to get more excited about ice cream than I do 🙂

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