Took the day off from work since is on spring break. He came up, we grabbed lunch in Raleigh and then headed out to Durham to drop in at Science and Math. It's Mini-Term there right now, so there were less people around. Saw the card readers, though (and managed to get students to let us in without having to get visitor tags 🙂 Went around and talked to people who were around, though. Also got to go into the palace^W^W Wyche^W Royall Outreach Center which has recently been opened. It was… interesting. I'm planning to write up a mail about it and will just link to it here when I do but that might wait for tomorrow. Finally headed back to Raleigh and grabbed dinner with . Gave Kyle the quick Red Hat tour and then he headed back to Fayettenam.

Came home and caught up with my email. Whee for a day of not looking at mail. Managed to catch up, though, and have poked at dovecot a little as well. I should probably point my mail client at it for a few days and see how it does to give a real opinion but it seems fairly quick in brief testing. I also should set up some test accounts to look at its mbox support some (since that's more important for the general case). And Timo is pretty good in general for security stuff, so there's half a chance of having a secure, fast, drop-in replacement for rootmeuw-imap.