Minimal amounts of head bashing with a clue stick today, which was good. Managed to get a little done, but ended up spending more of the day between meetings, doing some organization and applying some patches. I have a better idea of where some things stand, though, which is generally helpful.

Left work at a reasonable time. Went to LUG. Blah, not entirely sure why, but I did. Dinner afterwards at Hard Times. Talked with some as I gave him a ride too and from dinner.

Came home, looked over my email and took care of a few little things. Then decided to play Zelda instead of doing anything useful. I'm taking the day off tomorrow and is coming up to avoid complete boredom over his spring break, so we'll probably do something. Unknown exactly what yet. We'll see. Will be good to have most of a day away from work at any rate (even though I'm likely to end up doing some stuff later in the evening)