Quiet weekend.

Slept in yesterday and finally woke up and decided I should get some stuff done. Headed to Lenscrafters where I immediately got in to get my eyes checked. On the positive side, my prescription hasn't really changed. Which means it's still insane, but at least its not getting worse. Managed to find a new frame but the lenses I want weren't in stock (surprise), so they just replaced the arm on my old pair so that I have a spare when the new ones are done. Also got a pair of sunglasses which I'd been meaning to do for a while. While waiting on those, I managed to get a new pair of sneakers since my old pair were rapidly approaching pieces.

Today, managed to get a haircut and went out to check on 's cats. They were very happy to see someone to give them attention since is in Chicago for the weekend. Sat around and played Zelda some afterwards and watched some TV this evening.

Also started reading Pattern Recognition this weekend; it's pretty good thus far and I might just sit down here in a few minutes and finish it up tonight.