Some silly crap at work, but relatively calm.

Left at a reasonable hour and ate at Mo Joe's with , , , nalin, and 's out of town friend. After sitting around there for a while, we decided to head back to and 's and stop by Krispy Kreme to figure out what was up with the lights being out there earlier. It turns out that they were out of glaze. Inconceivable! So, sat around at their place for a while playing this very very strange campfire-type game and then were coming up with something else to do.

said that Tommy was playing at the Madstone, so we decdied to go see it. It turns out she looked at the wrong week and Suspiria was playing instead. What a very very bizarre movie. The scenery and lighting was kind of neat but everything else was just very odd. I'm pretty sure that would have liked it a lot, though.

Anyway, now to read a little bit before heading to bed I think. Need to figure out which of the things that I should do this weekend that I will do. Taking care of my glasses problem is probably near the top of that list.