Finally got to bed last night sometime after 3. Was awakened this morning by my cat at 7 am wanting to eat. *yawwwwnnnn* He never used to wake me up in the mornings to feed him, at least, not until significantly later in morning. Dragged myself out of bed and piddled around for a little bit and managed to get through my email.

Then, to the office for a 9 am meeting. That lasted until after lunch. Oh the fun. Fairly productive and useful, though. I beat on a few dead horses throughout the meeting as well and hopefully made some issues painfully clear to more people.

After that, hack hack hack. The pcmcia layer in the kernel sucks — cardbus is mostly reasonable now, but legacy 16bit pcmcia is a major hack. Dealt with it after an appropriate amount of grumbling. Fixed some other stuff too.

And now, I do believe it's time for me to crash.