So, for the always fun and exciting weekend wrapup…

Friday night, went to see Daredevil. It was about what I expected, really. I didn't expect much 🙂 Then, came back and watched Boogie Nights which was much better. Although kind of weird, not that I expected less.

Slept in on Saturday and then sent most of the afternoon playing Zelda. Perhaps not all that useful, but fun 🙂 Then, went to the birthday party was throwing for Ruth. Stayed until it was absurdly late sitting around talking and then eventually left. People played DDR and I still don't see the appeal of the game, but I digress.

Today, slept in again (hey, it's the weekend 🙂 and then spent the day not doing much due to sleet, etc. Played Zelda, watched The Godfather, caught up a bit on what the Tivo had recorded.

All in all, not a bad weekend. Probably should have done something more useful, but oh well. Now the big question is how bad the roads will be tomorrow so I can figure out if I'm going o go into the office or just work from home.