Started off not really wanting to wake up yesterday due to the pouring rain. Dragged myself out of bed to make it to work for our weekly os-devel meeting. Then, fixed a nice annoying loader bug and did some other stuff before lunch. More bugfixing after lunch and looking into some silly problems. Built a few packages using pre-release tarballs to go ahead and start testing and then it was nearly time for LUG.

Went to LUG, where gave a pretty good intro to Linux talk. Then, we went to dinner where a bunch of us pitched in to buy and 's food since they are Chicago-bound (especially spot). It was fun and we actually had some new people show up who maybe we didn't manage to scare off. We shall see.

Then, back to the office to look at driver disks for evil servers (well, after playing taxi and taking people back to campus :-). Finally discovered the problem was something stupid, tested, and went home.

Now have overslept a little this morning, but no big loss. Working from home for a little bit now, will be in to the office long before lunch. Correction: before lunch… not long before 🙂