Woke up this morning and was just looking at my email and sitting on IRC before getting ready to face the day when I heard about Columbia. I got up and turned on the TV and watched it for a while. When they weren't getting any more information, took a shower and headed to the installfest.

Popped in there for a short period and then drove to Durham to meet Luis for lunch. Ate at Elmo's and then we sat around talking about Ximian, Red Hat, and the open source world in general for a while which was good.

Headed back to Raleigh for the winding down of the installfest. Wasn't really hungry so the whole dinner thing got put off. And didn't feel like going to Fun Works, so came home to be called when dinner was more imminent. Fell asleep instead of reading (after fighting with Road Runner being a pile of crap; bleah) and basically napped the evening away.

Now it's nearly 11 pm and I haven't eaten anything for dinner and haven't done anything tonight. And now that I woke up again, getting back to bed at a reasonable hour is going to be tough. Bleah.

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