Poked around at a few odd bugs today at work for the most part. One was the overflow in space calculation in rpm which ended up being exactly what I expected. After I spent a few hours looking at it. The other is some weirdness with bogl/bterm that's causing the second stage to not work properly with CJK locales. Some progress there, nothing definitive yet. Also, the usual array of miscellaneous bugs. Oh, and a crappy meeting that was a waste of my time that I got pulled into by a product mangler.

After coming home, though, I played with some cool stuff. First was gtk2 Emacs. Unfortunately, it's not using xft2 but the more modern widgets definitely look quite a bit better. Emacs is actually quite simple to build. Also, I finally got my GNOME2 evolution build running (some mailing list names obscured to protect the innocent). Turned out to be something silly, I just needed the inspiration to think of what it was. It seems to be faster, which is probably largely due to the moving to in-process consequences. Need to get it built on my machine at work and I might start using it as my default there as well as the laptop. And if I upgrade my desktop at home this weeekend (which I should), I'll switch it over.

Also did a rough calculation of my taxes this evening — roughly what I expected (which is always nice). Anyway, it's now after 3 and I should go turn into a pumpkin.