Went to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind tonight. Thought it was pretty good.

Came home and got distracted looking at information on the Tivo home media option. It may be a solution for what I'm wanting to do (play any of the oggs stored on my machine through my stereo in the living room), but it's still unclear.

If the above doesn't work out, I might look into this as an alternate solution, but I can't see how it would work as seamlessly as the Tivo stuff. Plus, it would mean another remote to use for that sort of thing which would at a minimum be annoying.

Unfortunately, most of the standalone solutions out there for this sort of thing are mp3 only or mp3 + wma only. Hopefully more ogg players will start popping up in the next few months in both the portable and more home audio-ish space. A portable could conceivably do what I want aside from the lack of remote, but that could be looked over as an interim solution and would be nice for use at work as well.

Granted, I could just go with a lots-of-disc cd changer but then I'd have to put (and keep) my cds in it while I'd rather keep some subset of cds in my car. In the continued trend of “there are options” that seems to be associated with this post, cd-rs could always deal with that but it seems like a lot more trouble. Especially when I'm already going and ripping everything to oggs. I probably would get better sound direct from the CDs though.

Anyway, enough ramblings for tonight I think.

2 thoughts on “192835”

  1. The qcast thing looks pretty cool. Though
    I’m not sure how useful I would actually find it, seeing
    as my cd rack is besides my stero already, and I don’t
    listen to that much music at home. And I have never
    had much motivation to watch movies at home. And
    I’d have to actually rip my cd collection to mp3/ogg.

    Actually, maybe it doesn’t look that cool at all.

    The tivo stuff looks more interesting, if for no
    other reason than I actually used my tivo when it
    was working, so it wouldn’t just be collecting dust.
    Sounds like the software to do it may be windows only
    though. I’d assume someone would port a version to
    linux fairly quickly though, and for that matter, probabaly add ogg support as well.

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