-debuginfo makes my day. I can now actually do useful development work on packages with dependencies that I don't want to build. Like, say, building evolution from CVS without having to build a complete gnome2 stack from CVS.

Now, hopefully graydon's bfd patch will get accepted and then everything that uses bfd will get it for free. But even if not, we already have patched versions of gdb, oprofile and memprof which is probably most of the uses that I at really care about.

I have HEAD evolution coming up with its splashscreen now as well as an empty shell window and another window (probably a wizard of some sort) now. And I can debug what's going on without rebuilding bonobo-activation, etc.

Of course, doing so on the laptop with 256 megs of ram might not be the best plan in the world. It does seem to work, although it's swapping a bit. Maybe I'll upgrade my desktop later so that I can use it instead. Or just upgrade the useful bits (gdb, binutils, etc) and do a build there. Might be even more advantageous since I know that Ximian is just using GNOME 2.0 now as opposed to GNOME 2.2. Of course, then I don't have -debuginfo packages which means I'd have to rebuild everything to get debug symbols. Bleah.