Managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour last night for a change (about 2:30 or so) and didn't lie awake for hours after that. Nice change.

Woke up and went into work for the weekly meeting. Since Matt is out of town, tried to beat the video conferencing hardware into submission. Didn't quite succeed, but we got one working leg at least — the other leg didn't get audio :/

And from there, my day went downhill. It's bad when one of the best parts of the day is going to the product meeting. Those things are not supposed to be a high point 😉 Our new product management person seems to be very on the ball, though, which is good.

Went to the lug meeting, which was as expected empty. We went to Sushi Breeze for dinner, though, so not all horrible.

Came home and have straightened up a bit. Laptop is upgrading now, but some pre-upgrade wackiness means that the post-upgrade might need some… cleanup. Or I'll just say screw it since I'm likely to reinstall with the final release anyway. And if it mostly works, it's good enough for me for most things. Pondering upgrading my desktop, but can't decide if I want to yet or not. Did set up the nightly tree sync, though.

And that brings me to now. *yawn*