Slow weekend, not that that's a bad thing.

Slept in late on Saturday and rolled out of bed eventually. Went out and looked again for narrow bookshelves and didn't see anything overly useful. Continued to waste time and then got up with , , , and mgalgoci for dinner. We went to Mo Joe's, since none of the rest of them had been — interestingly, they now take credit cards, which is nice. Then, back to watch movies at and 's place. Watched Enigma, which I thought was quite well done and Reign of Fire which was even worse than I thought it would be. Win some, you lose some.

Slept in some today, though not qute as late as yesterday. Then went out to get a hair cut and picked up Deus Ex for the PS2 when I stopped in to preorder Zelda for the gamecube. The controls in Deus Ex took some getting used to, but now that I've figured them out, they seem to make sense and are actually fairly nice. It's still kind of weird playing a FPS without a mouse/keyboard, though.

Then, went to dinner at Chili's with , and . After dinner, I pressured everyone into going to see The Hours. As remarked, it was really very good. I think I'll have to go pick up both the book of The Hours (for my always fun comparisons between films and the books they are based on — I don't really do it in a “they shouldn't do that!” sense, instead, the book often adds additional insight into the film. Except for the ones they really screw up 🙂 and Mrs Dalloway. I think I might be about to go on one of my random-ish literature reading sprees again where I read things that people look at you funny for and say “you're reading what for fun?”. We shall see… I need to finish And You Shall Know Our Velocity first and then I might bum the rest of Chuck Plahniuk's books off of to read.