Better day than yesterday I guess. Fixed up a few things that randomly jumped out at me and then jumped into a larger project that needed doing. Managed to mostly get it happy by dinner time. Went to dinner at Crapplebee's and then went back to the office. Went up to check on a couple of things and took some notes on broken things that other people need to fix 😉

Came home and hacked on ataraid code for a bit. I now have code which should accurately detect drives which can be claimed by any of the ataraid controllers out there. And, in restoring the previous behavior, if the drive has a raid signature and has any Windows partitions on it, I can throw it out for consideration. I'd like to actually get the case so that they can actually be used for their “raid” capabilities, but that requires a couple of bits of information that I don't currently have. So I'll bug Arjan about them tomorrow and see what I can come up with. If it's what I think, then I think I might have real ataraid support almost ready to go, which would be nice.

But, as it's 4 am, I should probably stop hacking and go to bed.