Day didn't quite go how I expected, but so it goes.

Woke up and started doing the testing remotely like I expected. But, since I can't type, I went into the office to kick the machines and get things working which should have taken at most 15 minutes. I ended up staying for 3 hours.

Then, went and took back the speaker stands which didn't work for the front speakers. While in there, got a call from to see if I wanted to go to dinner at Thai Villa. Sounded good, so joined him and elliot. Then, looked for bookshelves and went to rent Signs. I didn't see Signs in the theater because it didn't look that good. And after watching it, I maintain my opinion of it.

Watched a little bit of television and then did some more work. I've actually made pretty good progress on what I wanted to look at over the weekend considering I ended up not doing anything useful yesterday.