After my annoyances earlier, I basically got offline with the intent of mostly staying off all day. Went out looking at entertainment centers again and decided to get one. So spent much of the rest of the day assembling it. Dinner with , , and elliot at Mo Joe's. Then more assembly. And then the pain of reconnecting all the cables. Aiee.

It looks a lot better, though, and with a pair of bookshelves to go on other side with the main purpose of holding up the front speakers (or is the primary purpose to hold books? eh, whatever, both will be useful) it'll be even better.

And I must say that putting together furniture is a good way to get out frustrations. I used to enjoy building model rockets just to have the feeling of accomplishment of finishing them. I should probably work on picking up some of my old hobbies again instead of working all the time.

But for now, I think I might start reading You Shall Know Our Velocity and then go to bed. Or as it's nearly 3:30, maybe I should just go to bed. *shrug* I'll decide eventually.