Felt much more productive today, even if I was really tired this morning and woke up later than I would have liked.

Spent the afternoon working on various little things that needed doing (partially to procrastinate on the bigger thing and partially because I was working over small chunks of time). Got a number of them done, though, which is useful in the larger scheme of things.

Came home, called my parents and ate dinner. Then watched some TV as I made a little bit of progress on the usb-storage nonsense. I think I have the first step done which will at least return things to the behavior of previous releases. The other part I have ideas on, but am not quite sure how to get the implementation quite right yet. Since I can't test the basics until tomorrow, though, I'm not going to worry much about it tonight.

Should probably work some on the ataraid stuff, but I think I'm going to keep putting that off too since I don't want to stay up that late. The best way to finish that up is probably going to be to sit down this weekend and work on it for a few hours in one go. If I get usb-storage happy tomorrow, then I should easily be able to sit down and do that.