Although I was fairly productive yesterday, I felt like I spent all day today fighting against stuff. Kind of annoying and draining when I was already tired.

Ended up going to Lily's to eat with LUG folks, although I had decided earlier that I wasn't. It was probably better than staying around work. Came home and piddled through my mail. Watched a little bit of crap on TV and then did some work (well, looked into a few things. didn't really do much).

Then, finished up The Big U, which was very good. I'm glad that it was reissued and that I noticed that it was out. Since there's some excerpted material from the book Neal Stephenson is currently working on in the paperback version of Cryptonomicon, I would guess that his next book will be out sometime in the not too far distant future.

Lots to do tomorrow since I didn't really get what I wanted to today. At least I got more than I expected done yesterday, so maybe it evens out. Even if evening out still leaves me essentially screwed with twice as much work as time to do it in 🙂

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