Busy day at work. Managed to get quite a bit done, though, so I'm fairly pleased with it. A few annoying things, but I'm probably going to punt them to other people. I also lucked out and Bill was tricked into working on the PCMCIA stuff for me tonight. So, instead of working on that, I actually looked at my anaconda bugs and knocked out probably 40 of them between asking for information, fixing things, or just realizing that they weren't going to get changed the way the reporter was asking for and just closing them WONTFIX. Have a list of things to test tomorrow, but most of the code was simple so it should work. Or I will have broken a lot of little things 😉

Upshot of this and the rest of my going through bugzilla last week and earlier this week is I'm down to about 140 open bugs from about 220 the beginning of last week. Which isn't bad considering I've picked up a number of new ones also. This makes me feel somewhat better, even though I have a few kind of large things I still want to get done for this release. I'm actually beginning to think that things are doable, though (especially as a number of those bugs are essentially deferred).

Now to look over my email for the time that I was trawling the 'zilla and then read nad then bed.