Decided to actually do some work this evening, which was a good thing. Productivity is useful and I tend to feel better after I'm productive.

Fixed the pygtk bug that was crashing redhat-config-packages and did some package updating in that space. Then, looked at a few little things real fast. I think I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow and spend some time getting grub 0.93 up and running and with packages so that it can get into the tree sooner rather than later.

I also really do need to sit down and just go through my buglist, although that's sure to be a pretty painfully slow experience. I'm sure there are things there that have been done, though and I just haven't closed. It'll also get me to look at the bugs which are still NEW since some of them have been there entirely too long. There just aren't enough hours in a day (if we presuppose that I sleep some… which I try to; I can't seem to do the very small amounts of sleep for long periods of time thing anymore) for me to get all of the bugzilla stuff I need to done.