I am, in general, entirely too lazy when I'm not actively working.

Slept in today and finally got out of bed around noon. Looked over my email and then had lunch. Then, looked over bugzilla. Then, reading in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius borrowed from and on the recommendation of . It's pretty good and I'm currently about halfway through it. I figure I'll probably finish it this evening for lack of anything else to do.

As short breaks from AHWOSG, I've poked at the pygtk problem redhat-config-packages is tripping over right now, but haven't come to any real conclusion yet. I'm not feeling completely up to trying lots of different combinations of gtk versions and pygtk versions to see where I can get the problem to go away, but I probably should. Probably poke at that some tonight as well. And look at what needs to be done to get some sort of sane PCMCIA support code for the loader.