Hmm… guess I didn't post anything yesterday.

Christmas was Christmas. Woke up a little later than the norm has been for past years which was nice. Opened presents and slowly got moving on the day. Eventually dinner, etc and then more lazing around.

Today, much the same although I slept significantly later. Braved the world with my dad to go to Best Buy to get a USB ethernet adapter for the Tivo I got my parents for Christmas (no phone line in the living room, but there's an ethernet jack… 🙂 Kind of insane. Came back and finished setting that up.

Otherwise, have spent a lot of the day reading or sitting around trying to find useful things to watch on TV.

Tomorrow, I think I might look into some of the actual work I want to get done to see what I can work on easily. And maybe do a little bit tonight as well, though I may just read one of the other books in the pile I have to read.