Slow day —

Slept in a bit and eventually woke up and had lunch with my dad. Checked in on work stuff and peeked at a few bugs in bugzilla as well as reading some of the traffic on the beta list just to get a feel for what was going on.

Also, did some looking into the weird drop-out problems I was having with the internal wireless on the T30 and built the newer version of the driver which seems to fix the problems thus far. I'll keep testing it.

Got a test environment set up on the inspiron as well as getting a slightly better networking setup for that than doing stuff over wireless 🙂 Also composed my own ISOs since I forgot to copy them over at work on Monday. Oh well, easy enough to do with the tree (which I did have). Kicked off a build of HEAD evolution which managed to build without too much trouble. It segfaults, but it did build. Might look into that a little more later in the week.

Then, played Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble with my mom and sister. Now I think I'm going to read a bit before heading to dreamland. Then I'll be awakened relatively early for the holiday festivities I'm sure.