Slow day.

Spent a bit this morning doing some testing of post-install bits to see how things are shaping up. Also did some kernel testing. Went into work, more testing and a little bit of trying to track down a weird anaconda bug I've seen a few times. No luck 🙁 Kicked off an upgrade of my workstation to rawhide-ish before heading to lunch

After lunch, cd burning and some more testing before we were going to go see the 4 pm show of The Two Towers as a group from work. Unfortunately, some events made it so we needed to be able to remain flexible, so Matt didn't get tickets last night. So we got to the theater and the 4 show was sold out. Some people stuck around to go to the 5:00, but I decided I'd rather just go home.

Came home and lazed about for a bit. Then, went to dinner with and his roommate and then came back here to watch the two hour Firefly which was pretty good. It's really too bad that it was cancelled. Also watched the cartoon version of the Grinch (which I like much better than the feature-length movie) while we waited for Firefly to get far enough in to be commercial-less.

I have to say that it really doesn't at all feel like the Friday before Christmas. I'm not quite sure why, but it just doesn't feel all that impending. Maybe it will feel more like Christmas as things get closer, but I have a suspicion that that's not the case.

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  1. It really doesn’t feel like the friday before christmas, but I’m stoked anyway.

    Also, I’ve had to fix ~40 typos in this response. I should sleep, I suspect.

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