Productive day today. Woke up on time this morning and got through my email before heading to work in time for our meeting. Meeting wasn't too long and then I got to work knocking stuff out. Managed to get a lot done until about 6:30 or 7 when I started getting lethargic, so I took a break to go to dinner with LUG folks (even though we weren't having a LUG meeting proper) and got back to work about two hours later. At which point, I felt a lot better and proceeded to get a lot more done until I left.

Its kind of interesting how much that little break helped me to be a lot more productive afterwards and I probably ended up getting more done today than I would have had I just stayed at work straight. So maybe I'll try this taking a break for a few hours thing more often after the holidays since it will be starting to get back into the time where I regularly end up staying late at work.