I think I probably “did” more this weekend than I've done in quite a while. A number of us from S&M got together at various points over the course of the weekend and ran around doing things.

Friday, after spending some time tracking down a weirdo bug that I didn't really have time to look at, I managed to get a lot of what I wanted to done. Left on time and met up with to have dinner at Thai Villa. We then headed to the airport to pick up who was arriving from Princeton. In one of those weird coincidences, while we were waiting for Matt's luggage, we saw Therese Taxis. Talked with her briefly, got Matt's luggage and headed back to Greg's place where we wasted time playing GTA: Vice City.

Saturday, woke up and read a bit before heading over to join folks for lunch. Our party grew as we were joined with and . We grabbed lunch at Piccola Italia and were then joined by as she arrived from Florida. We headed back to Greg's apartment to decide on a course of action for the afternoon. And got distracted by GTA again. Eventually we were joined by and his girlfriend, at which point we went to Blockbuster and rented Iris. I wasn't all that impressed with it, although some parts were well done. After the movie, we headed out to Succhi — I didn't actually realize they had a Saturday dinner buffet, but it was quite good. Headed back for yet more time wasting and sitting around talking about varoius things as well as the playing of movie charades, which was just painful. Picked up some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and didn't really do anything else of note.

Today, finally managed to get a hold of tickets for The Two Towers on Wednesday night — entirely too difficult. Then, lunch with FEEA at Mellow Mushroom and then a trip to see Star Trek: Nemesis. I enjoyed the movie, inconsistencies and campy dialogue aside. Took Matt to meet his Dad and then headed back to Raleigh proper. Had dinner at IHOP, watched the Simpsons, and spent time watching other random stuff on TV.

Since returning home, I've caught up on my email as well as helped msw work around a problem he was seeing. Sitting here watching Alias now and going to read a bit and head to bed shortly. Busy weekend and although I didn't get anything done, I don't really care — I probably needed a weekend off to get me through this week. At some point, I probably need to figure out when I'm going to be in Hickory over Christmas also… just really don't know what the right answer is there, yet.

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