Another pretty uneventful day. Got in this morning and started to make some progress on a few things. All of the ways we used to determine pcmcia really was present had been broken so I fixed them up and then spent a while tracking things down until I got what looked like working cardbus support again for the loader. Needs a little testing, but should probably work. I still should probably write some pcmcia probing code for kudzu so we can support non-cardbus cards again at some point. Also spent a while looking at some upgrade things which just took a long time to set up for testing.

Otherwise, it felt like I spent too much of today herding cats instead of getting what I wanted to done. My todo list is shrinking, though, so I am making progress, which is good. I have a pile of things I want to do tomorrow, but none of them are really spectacularly difficult.

At about 9:45, I realized I hadn't eaten dinner. Finished up what I was doing, realized it had taken me most of an hour and left the office. Picked up food at the grocery store on my way home, ate, played a little bit of Quake and did my Christmas shopping.

Tomorrow evening, the FEEAYE begins which should be a good break from the usual. There are probably some other things I should try to do but won't.

And now, to either try to beat Metroid again or read… one of the two.