Got off to a slow start today but managed to make up for it in the long run.

Woke up a little late but managed to get showered and put away most of my laundry and still get to work in time for the weekly 10 am meeting. Nothing earth-shattering, but saw the new guy in Germany who is Bero's replacement (well, the resolution wasn't great, but I have seen him). After that, slowly got going on the day.

Didn't get much done before we went to Hard Times for lunch. Food was the usual but the waitress just didn't seem to have it together. Not sure what was up with that. Came back and started to really get cracking on the manual module loading stuff. Took a diversion of playing UT for a bit, spent a little while beating an Itanium into rebooting, grabbed dinner and then back to work. Finally got it all pretty much working and committed it.

Now for tomorrow is the manual device check for when you use noprobe and cardbus pcmcia support. And probably more, those are just my top priorities. At this rate, I may not be quite as doomed as I thought yesterday.