I think that the motherboard in my mom's old machine which I brought back up here to use as a test box is shot. Nothing really happens on powerup 90% of the time. Tested with a new power supply hijacked from the office and the same problem. Bleah.

And in more fun news, it seems that the CD-R on my desktop doesn't really want to cooperate and work anymore either. Considering it's 3.5 years old, probably not too surprising really. Getting a new CD-R would be cheap, but I should decide if it makes more sense to get a DVD-R as they really do have a significantly higher capacity, which would be nice for doing backups.

But in good news, I do have a working etherboot CD now for my old desktop. It's a loud machine and I really didn't want to use it as a test machine, but it'll work at least temporarily. Especially now that I have working etherboot. PXE is nicer, but etherboot isn't too terrible. I wish I could actually modify kernel arguments and the like, though.