Praise to the cable gods! I now have cable again and with it, the Power of the Internet ™ at home again. This will make my life significantly easier and maybe I can get a little bit done tonight.

So, for the storm recap.

Wednesday night after my “I doubt power will last the night” post, I obviously lost power sometime between 3:30 and 4. Woke up Thursday morning and saw that the roads weren't bad, so I trekked into work to take a hot shower and bask in the heat of the Red Hat generator. Turns out we had opened at 11 anyway, so I also started trying to get some work done. Went to lunch at Mitch's on Hillsborough St as they actually had power and hot food and then back to the office. Worked for a few hours after lunch and didn't get a whole lot done, but enough to feel like it wasn't a completely wasted day. called to invite me over to join , herself, and whoever else was interested in hot fire and food cooked over a camp stove. So, I picked up Marshall and headed out there. We ate, worked on a puzzle and I read a little bit. Their apartment was quite comfortable with the fire going.

Friday morning, woke up and headed back to the office. Another warm shower. Then, dropped by my apartment to verify my continued lack of power. Back to the office to get some work done. Worked a bit, had lunch and then went back out to and 's place. Another fire and more people. Probably well described as a regular party except for the whole lack of electricity and heat thing 🙂

Power came back at my apartment about 10 or 11 Friday night, but I decided I was already warm so just stayed. Saturday morning, came home and brought Marshall back. No cable, but at least power and thus hot shower at home was to be had.

Last night was the annual company holiday party. And it, quite frankly, sucked. The food was okay in quality although the selection was lacking. But as said, once the band started playing it basically became impossible to hold a conversation. Diverted back to north Raleigh and hung around for a while. Came home and read for a bit before crashing.

Today was a bit more relaxed. Woke up on the late side and sat in bed reading for a while. Once I finished the book I was reading, headed out to the library to check out another pile of books, dropped by the office to look at my email and dropped into Best Buy to do some pre-Christmas shopping investigation. Came home, played Metroid for a bit, read for a bit and then went and grabbed some food. Dropped by the office on my way home to look at my email and then came home.

Got home and happily had cable back. Now I've looked at a little more of my email and talked with my parents. About to try to see if I can finish up some of the GRUB changes tonight and then update them to against 0.93 final so that I can push a newer grub into rawhide and not get distracted by that this week which promises to be busy as usual. I was mostly back to where I wanted to be last week before the whole ice storm bit hit but that's likely to now throw me back a bit again and give me a few late nights to work over the course of this week.