So, left work at about 3:30 or so this afternoon as things were starting to get a little ugly out and I wanted to get home before things had a chance to get bad. My plan was to come home and set up the celeron that used to be my mom's machine that I brought back from Hickory. Got here and started working on setting it up. Many hours later (well, I had to back some stuff up off of a drive to throw in the machine), I've decided that either the power supply is hosed or the motherboard is hosed. The power supply should be pretty easy to test with one from work and I hope its that.

Also did some random stuff this evening after that and watched some random crap on TV.

Then, as I was originally writing this, the power went out. 20 minutes later, came back on. And it's gone off for a minute or so since then. I don't think I'm going to go to sleep for a while…

And I really wish I had newer batteries for my flashlight. Hooray for ice storms in north carolina!