How did it get to be December anyway?

Anyway, played some more Metroid this afternoon. I have now acquired all twelve artifacts so that I can proceed to getting my ass kicked some more. My strategy for beating hard boss type characters, though (go away for the rest of the day, come back tomorrow — then they're easy) has worked so far, so I'll try it again. I think I might be nearing the end, though, as I haven't gotten any new powerups in a while. Not necessarily bad, though, as it means I can spend more time doing work.

Then, spent large chunks of the evening sitting down and finally writing driver disk code. It was a little painful, and I didn't especially want to do it, but it's done now. Whether it works or not, I figure I'll find out in the morning. If it works, then on to gettting my data structure into place so that I can get kickstart working again. Once that's up and basically working, I'll feel pretty safe to switch the loader over to the new one and fix up all the tree building scripts so that we get the right images popped out. It's been pretty painful to get here, but I really am fairly happy with the results thus far. Some of the code is still ugly, but I think that sort of comes with the territory. Some of it is still the crufty old stuff that's been hanging around the loader for a while, but it's all been cleaned up and at least the side effects are documented now (at least, I think I documented all of my side effects as I want). If nothing else, at least I know the code now so it's probably more fixable when things break. And a little bit more flexible to handle alternate architectures.

While I was working on this, I watched most of the stuff I've started watching since I got the TiVo. I really do watch a lot more television these days, but I counteract that by saying that at least it's things that I want to watch as opposed to whatever happens to be on.

And now, I'm just wondering how it got to be December and am going to wander off to read for a while before going to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a long day at work.