Didn't really get as much done this evening as I wanted to, but … oh well, screw it. Assuming I load modules properly tomorrow from the second stage, I'll be happy. I'll just stick a CD-RW in my bag at work and suck down a current tree to my laptop so that I can test this stuff from my parents' house. Since I don't actually have to do any installs, I can just use one of the desktops there some to make sure my changes work.

Did get a little bit further in Metroid, although I then started to go in a direction and got frustrated trying to get out to where I could save and get back to working. No big loss as I hadn't gotten much new and cool there anyway.

Packing is done, just have to put the few things I can't pack tonight in my bag tomorrow morning and throw them in my trunk and I should be good to head out after work tomorrow.

Now to straighten up a little bit and then get ready for bed. Weekly meeting means I need to get to work at what ends up being early for me, although it should just be a normal time.