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  1. dear jeremy:

    some of us like to call saturday and sunday “the weekend.” for us, it is customary not to “work” on those days. instead we choose to “relax,” to “party,” even. it helps us avoid “burnout.”

    😀 .

  2. Yes, but if I don’t get some stuff done this weekend, I will be “screwed”. 🙂

    I’m only working Monday and Tuesday of this week, but I really need to have a lot done before I go. I can work some from my parents’ place over the long weekend, but I probably won’t manage to get a lot done due to lots of family being around.

    And, unfortunately, holidays and the like don’t change the fact that I have deadlines and ended up with waaay more work than I anticipated. :/

  3. Another point

    Next cycle, you need to scale up your expectations of how long stuff will take when deciding if things are possible or not 🙂 Keep track of how off you were this time and use that factor * 1.5 or something. We do not want you to “burn out.”
    You’re good, but you aren’t omnipotent 😉

  4. Re: Another point

    Possible is mostly irrelevant. 🙂

    There’s also the fact that although I would have had plenty of time if I had started earlier, I ended up fighting other fires for a while instead. Which is how it always goes and no amount of estimation can really help me there (there will always be more fires than I estimate, no matter how many I estimate 😉

    The code’s actually not that bad to write for the most part, there are just some really ugly bits that take a lot of care to get through. eg – the code to set up cdrom installs was a bit confusing without reading it two or three times so it took a little bit to clean it up and abstract out some of the functionality. In contrast, the NFS code is pretty simple so it hasn’t taken me long at all to get a) network configuration and b) nfs setup working again. It’s worse because the early parts really are the worst. Getting ftp/http back in shape isn’t hard. Kickstart will be much easier now since I’m taking it off a special case path, etc. And it’s fun to write code in C instead of python every once in a while. Although I had forgotten how painful newt is from C.

    The hardest part is really just motivating myself to get started and then not getting distracted

  5. Re: Another point

    And there’s also the fact that to implement the feature, I decided it was better to maintain my sanity and clean up all of the loader instead of just hacking a new feature into 5 different places in the loader.

  6. Just make certain that you take some time over the weekends for yourself to keep from burning out. I’ve always found that I code/design better if I’m fresh vs. fried.

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